About Us

The Kilby farmers have always searched for "good land" from North Carolina thru Pennsylvania, to Harford County and finally in 1961 to Cecil County. Although Kilbys have been dairying for over 100 years, ice cream making is a venture that began in 2005. In order to insure that the farm could pass to the next generation there was a need for additional income to support our growing families.

At our Ice Cream Shop, Megan and Phyllis wanted to create a place that families could come to enjoy time together and have a tasty treat too. Our goal is to provide a quality product and an inviting place to eat it. The open farm fields invite you to stop for a while and relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Last year we completed the process of donating an easement on the Kilby Cream property which will insure that the farm remains open land forever. The land will be here to farm and Kilby Cream will provide the income to keep the next several generations in business.

Home Delivery is our newest venture. After we began bottling and selling our own milk, we wanted to bring it right to your door!

Our Ice Cream Shop hours are Tuesday - Saturday 11-8pm. Sunday 2pm-8pm
Closed Monday