Ceramic Milkhouse


Kilby Cream's family fun thing to do!  The old milkhouse at the end of the lane has been transformed into a Ceramic Studio.

Drop-in Ceramic Workshops

On weekend afternoons through March, Miss Anne will have drop-in ceramics in the ice cream shop.  Anyone interested can stop by to work on a ceramic.  She'll have a variety of items to pick from.  Miss Anne will guide you in your project which will take less than 1 hour.  The cost will depend on which item you choose, but is no more than $10 per item which includes glaze and firing.  Everyone should bring a "paint shirt" to wear while working.  All glazes conform to Nontoxic ASTM 0-4236.  After the item is fired you will be notified when to pick it up.  The items usually take about 1 week to dry and be fired. 



If you'd like to arrange a workshop for a special occasion or birthday party, please contact us.